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Bringing life-saving medical care to the poorest regions


The International Medical Assistance Foundation (IMAF) is a
non-profit (501.c.3) organization dedicated to sending medical
specialists to the poorest regions to provide high-quality care
to the poorest residents, who would otherwise be unable to
receive such care.

Upcoming Missions:

  • ENT - February 2016 - COMPLETED
  • Pulmonary, Gastro, Neurology, Cardiology - February 2016 - COMPLETED
  • Gynecology - March 2016 - COMPLETED
  • ENT - November 2016 - COMPLETED
  • ENT - February 2017
  • Pulmonary, Gastro, neurology, Cardiology - February 2017
  • GYN - March 2017

These upcoming medical brigades will travel to Catacamus,
Honduras in the state of Olancho.  Our teams will be hosted at
Hospital Hermano Pedro, a Catholic sponsored hospital that
opened its doors in 2012. 

Join our Team!

If you have an interest in joining one of our medical brigades or
leading a brigade, please use the contact form on this
website.  For those of us less skilled, you can still get that
all-over good feeling by donating to support our efforts.  See
the donation form on this website. 


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