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About Us

The International Medical Assistance Foundation is a not-for-profit legal Corporation (501.c.3) formed in 2005 to organize, promote, and finance, medical and surgical brigades to those parts of the world where quality health care is unavailable to the majority of the population, and to provide quality care to the poorest and most under served populations.

We are staffed entirely by volunteers who organize the medical brigades, raise funds, and generally make really good things happen! 

A small but dedicated group of health professionals initially drawn from St. Louis, Missouri, but now expanding, has been working to serve the medical needs of our less fortunate brothers and sisters in poorest countries of Central and South America.  The medical personnel in these missions include head and neck surgeons, neurologists, pulmonologists, cardiologists, gynecologists, anesthesiologists, nurses, respiratory techs and audiologists.  We expect to continue to expand the number of brigades and medical specialties we can support WITH YOUR HELP!

You may not all have the skills of these talented individuals or cannot spare the time to perform the incredible work of our brigades, but you can be part of the team by helping to finance their travel, their in-country expenses and the medical gear, drugs, and disposables they will need to provide the care. Choose "Make a Donation" from the menu to retrieve our donation form.

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